Life Coaching Services

Get effective, ethical guidance, support, and accountability you need to create your Ideal Life. Perfect for all ages, Life coaching is different from therapy.
As part of our coaching services, we dive deeper into some of your current life struggles that may seem overwhelming and tackle these areas together. Therapy services lay emphasis on healing past wounds in order to promote emotional growth. Some areas that may need coaching include but are not limited to: self -esteem, parenting techniques, finances, relationships and friendships, careers, intimacy, etc.

Business and Clinical Consultation/ Coaching Services

We work with allied mental health professionals who are keen to develop powerful and profitable businesses that create a positive impact on their owners, teams and clients. We offer individual and group level interventions. 

Clinical Psychiatry Consultation Services

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Nurse Practitioner Business Startup Coaching

If you’re a registered nurse seeking a new challenge – to make a difference using your experience and critical thinking skills for more income – you might want to consider Business Startup consulting programme to help accelerate the success of your private practice.

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